It’s All Relative for TV Legend Leah Remini

From guest spots on shows like Cheers, Friends and Saved by the Bell, to her most famous role of Carrie Heffernan on The King of Queens, Leah Remini has been a television staple for over two decades. Leah’s latest project is Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, a reality show on TLC that follows her as she juggles her career and her family life. Leah spoke with DIRECTV about the series, what else she likes to watch on TLC and her favorite memory of her former King co-star Kevin James.

What side of you do you hope the public sees that they may not have see before with your new show, Leah Remini: It’s All Relative?

What I know is; people will come away from this show smiling. Not unlike Carrie from King Of Queens or the characters I have played over the years, people will identify with someone or some scenario in this show.

People will see the “normal” side of me as opposed to what I do. You will see my family is just like yours -in inappropriate way. My mom reminds me of Jerry Stiller.

If you had to compare your family to a classic sitcom family which family would come closest?

The King Of Queens.

TLC is such a fun brand! What shows do you enjoy watching on the network?

I love Long Island Medium.

What’s your favorite memory of your King of Queens co-star Kevin James?

Kevin used to imitate a Polar Bear “mauling” me. I know that doesn’t sound funny and if you were ever mauled by a polar bear, I am sorry. But he would pick me up and make “bear sounds” and swing me around like a rag doll. And because Kevin is so strong, I truly had no control over my body and the fact that it made me laugh to a point where I was crying.  To this day still makes me laugh.

Kevin’s laugh makes me laugh, Just recently, I surprised him in Vegas where he is shooting Paul Blart and we laughed for 5 hours.

You have guest starred on such classic shows as Cheers and Friends. Have any of those experiences stuck with you throughout your career?

Of course, Cheers was a major get for me. I was so star struck when I went to set, but the cast was lovely and had no egos. Ted Danson asked me to run lines with him and I was so nervous, I didn’t answer at first. But it was definitely one of those fan moments where I went on set and said “Oh, my God-there’s Woody — There’s Carla — There’s Sam”.

Friends, I did Friends at the height of their success and again, couldn’t have been nicer. I have been on a lot of sets and they were the nicest people.

What would you like viewers to take away from your show?

That it may seem like you are the only one with issues, but you are not alone. Just watch this show! 🙂

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative premieres Thursday, July 10 at 10/9c on TLC.

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