Drunk History back for a Second Season

A breakaway hit for Comedy Central, Drunk History presents a liquored-up view of our nation’s history—complete with a surprising and ever-changing cast. In an email interview, host Derek Waters discussed the origin of the show and gave us a glimpse into what’s to come in season two.

What inspired you to create Drunk History?

I was with one of my best pals in the world, (New Girl star) Jake Johnson, who was telling me a story about Otis Redding, who knew he was gonna die on the plane that he was on that crashed. [Jake] was so passionate about it, and I thought it would be funny to see Otis react to this. But I thought [of a premise]: everyone gets drunk and talks about history. What’s something people don’t talk about when they get drunk? History, or anything of importance. And I wanted to use the same joke. I like frustrated passion.

What historical events can we look forward to getting the Drunk History treatment this season?

Lots of race themes and finally some themed episodes including American music. [I felt that] this was the time [to] have an episode where someone gets drunk and talks about music.

Who is your dream guest star for the show?

Eddie Vedder or Dustin Hoffman. If he was still alive, Chris Farley would have been my dream come true.

Which comedians do you respect most?

Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Norm Macdonald, Christopher Guest, Stephen Merchant, Danny McBride—I have lots.

What TV shows would we find on your DVR?

Dateline, COPS, and Kroll Show. Some others but I don’t wanna give too much of myself away.  🙂

Season two of Drunk History premieres Tuesday, July 1 at 10/9c on Comedy Central (Ch. 249).

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