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With DIRECTV’s You Might Like feature, now your favorite programs can recommend new favorites. Like Seinfeld? Then you might like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

You can find You Might Like in various ways:

  • While watching a favorite show, press INFO on your remote. Select More Info, then go to You Might Like.
  • Press the GUIDE button on your remote, pick a show and press INFO. Now select You Might Like.
  • Press the MENU button on your remote and select Search & Browse, and then select Smart Search. Use the letterpad or Suggested Searches, then select a title from your results list and then go to You Might Like.

Start discovering new favorite shows — compliments of DIRECTV.

Race to the Cup: Enjoy a FREE Trial of NHL CENTER ICE!

February 24, 2014

Hockey fans rejoice. From February 26 to March 4, you can enjoy full-strength hockey coverage with a FREE trial of NHL CENTER ICE’ You’ll be right there for ’round-the-league hockey action getting all the face-offs, slap shots, and checks you can handle as your favorite NHL teams fight their way to the playoffs. You can’t afford to miss this critical stage of the season. And you won’t.

Tune in to channels 769-787. Like what you see? You can add NHL CENTER ICE to your TV package and enjoy up to 40 out-of-market games every week all season long.

Martin Henderson Takes Viewers on a Trip Down The Red Road

martinhenderson_largeNew Zealand native Martin Henderson has led a fascinating career, including appearances in films like The Ring and Smokin’ Aces and television series like House M.D. His latest project is Sundance Channel’s The Red Road, a gripping drama about two unlikely allies who must overcome tragedy to face the secrets from their past.

You starred in The Ring, one of the scariest films of the last 20 years… yet in many ways, I found The Red Road to be more unnerving due to the ever increasing tension on the screen. How do you unwind after a day of shooting such demanding material?

The TV schedule is a lot more brutal than on a feature film so typically it’s a matter of heading home, grabbing a bite and looking over the scenes for the following day. If I have the time I love to hit the pool for a while or at least just walk my dog. If the scenes go well then I feel quite energized and not wiped at all. It’s when the scenes don’t go as well as I’d hoped that I get a bit wound up.

You were born and raised in New Zealand. How were you able to relate to the struggle of an unrecognized Native American tribe?  What sort of research did you have to do?

We have similar issues with racial tension in New Zealand and ongoing historical resentment, mistrust and prejudice between the native people and those that colonized the land, so it’s not an uncommon story. Sadly, wherever the white man stole land there exist these struggles. As for specific research, there were a few articles and a documentary that the producers sent us as we were preparing for the shoot.

Your character, Harold Jensen, is doing all he can to hold his family together. Does his job as a police officer cause him to be a bit heavy-handed, especially when dealing with his rebellious oldest daughter?

There’s maybe an element of that in their dynamic but I feel it comes more from the history that exists between Harold, his wife Jean, and Kopus. Rachel’s behavior is reminiscent of what was going on back in her parents youth and the painful circumstances of that time threaten to resurface and with them a bunch of secrets that Harold wants to keep hidden. So it’s his own fears and regrets that become activated by Rachel’s disobedience that tend to make him overreact. I think he feels out of control given the situation with Kopus and now his wife being so unstable.

One of the themes that I noticed in The Red Road was that of parents repeating the mistakes of their parents. Which of Harold’s past mistakes is going to end up haunting his family in the future?

Yeah, that’s definitely one of many themes that deal with the past and how it continues to influence and threaten the present. Because Harold is hiding something from his past, it adds a great deal of pressure to how he deals with the legitimate issues of the present. And he then makes more mistakes which could very easy damage his family. I can’t talk specifically about what the secrets from the past are, because that would give too much of the mystery away, but it ain’t gonna be pretty when it surfaces.

The Red Road airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Sundance Channel (Channel 557).


Race to the Cup: Enjoy a FREE Trial of NHL CENTER ICE!


Hockey fans rejoice. From February 26 to March 4, you can enjoy full-strength hockey coverage with a FREE trial of  NHL CENTER ICE’  You’ll be right there for ’round-the-league hockey action getting all the face-offs, slap shots, and checks you can handle as your favorite NHL teams fight their way to the playoffs. You can’t afford to miss this critical stage of the season. And you won’t.

Tune in to channels 769-787. Like what you see? You can add NHL CENTER ICE to your TV package and enjoy up to 40 out-of-market games every week all season long.

Can Celeries Be the Next Viral Craze? In Portlandia, Anything’s Possible.



IFC’s Portlandia, starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, has earned a devoted following with its offbeat, quirky, and outright bizarre characters. The upcoming fourth season, premiering Thursday, February 27, at 10/9c, promises no less. In the first episode, the legendary Steve Buscemi plays a down-on-his-luck salesman determined to turn his fortunes around by turning celery into a viral sensation. Fans of the show can visit to get a sneak peek of “The Celery Incident.” Buscemi is far from the only major guest set to appear on Portlandia this season, joining such stars as Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Bayer, Michael Nesmith, Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudekis, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Don’t miss the premiere of the all-new season of Portlandia, Thursday, February 27, at 10/9c, on IFC (ch. 564).

New! Watch Live TV on your iPad®

With the FREE DIRECTV™ iPad® App, you can now tune in to live TV right on your iPad® and watch it anywhere in your home. Whether you’re in your kitchen, your den, or your bedroom—your favorite channels are right there with you wherever you want to be in your house.

The “Live TV Streaming” module on the app screen shows you the channels you can tune in to and the programs currently playing. Just tap the channel you want to watch and tap Watch on iPad®. It won’t interrupt what’s playing on any of your TVs. It’s like a having an extra TV in the palm of your hands.

To enjoy live TV on your iPad®, you’ll need an HD DVR connected to your home Internet network. Your iPad® has to be connected via WiFi to the same network.

To download the DIRECTV™ iPad® App, just go to the App Store. If you already have the app, all you need to do is update it and you’ll have the new live TV feature.

Premier Package

PremierPrint Print channels for ZIP Code 50263
Canal Once* 447
Cartoon Network (Este) HD HD 296
Disney XD  HD HD 292
Enlace Christian Television* 448
Galavision HD 404
Univision (Este) HD 402
Univision Deportes HD 455
V-me* 440
mun2 410
3net (HD) HD 107
A&E HD 265
ABC Family HD 311
Al Jazeera America 347
American Movie Classics (AMC) HD 254
Animal Planet HD 282
BBC America HD 264
BYU TV 374
BabyFirstTV* 293
Big Ten Network HD 610
Biography Channel HD 266
Black Entertainment Television (BET) HD 329
Bloomberg Television HD 353
Boomerang 298
Bravo HD 237
CBS Sports Network HD 221
CMT HD 327
CNBC World 357
CNN HD 202
CSPAN 1 350
CSPAN 2 351
Cartoon Network (East) HD 296
Cartoon Network (West) 297
Centric 330
Chiller 257
Christian Television Network (CTN) 376
Church Channel 371
Cloo 308
Comedy Central HD 249
Cooking Channel HD 232
DIY Network HD 230
Daystar 369
Destination America HD 286
Discovery Channel HD 278
Discovery Fit & Health 261
Disney Channel (East) HD 290
Disney Channel (West) 291
Disney Junior Channel HD 289
Disney XD HD 292
E! Entertainment HD 236
ESPN2 HD 209
EWTN 370
El Rey 341
Esquire 235
FX HD 248
FX Movie Channel 258
FXX HD 259
Food Network HD 231
Fox Business Network HD 359
Fox News Channel HD 360
Fox Sports 1 HD 219
Fox Sports 2 HD 618
Free Speech TV* 348
Fuse 339
GEM NET (Global Expansion Media Network)* 2068
GOD TV 365
GSN 233
Golden Eagle Broadcasting* 363
Golf Channel HD 218
Great American Country 326
H2 HD 271
HITN* 438
Hallmark Channel HD 312
Hallmark Movie Channel HD HD 565
Headline News HD 204
History Channel HD 269
Home & Garden Television (HGTV) HD 229
Home Shopping Network 240
Hope* 368
Hub 294
ION Television HD 305
ION Television West 306
Independent Film Channel (IFC) HD 564
Investigation Discovery (ID) HD 285
Jewelry Television 313
Jewish Life Television* 366
Lifetime HD 252
Lifetime Movie Network HD 253
LinkTV 375
Logo 272
MLB Network HD 213
MTV HD 331
MTV2 333
Military Channel 287
NFL Network HD 212
NHL Network HD 215
NRB 378
Nat Geo WILD HD 283
National Geographic Channel HD 276
Nick Jr. 301
Nickelodeon (East) HD 299
Nickelodeon (West) 300
Nicktoons Network 302
OWN HD 279
Ovation 274
Oxygen 251
Pursuit Channel 604
QVC HD 275
QVC Plus 315
RFD TV 345
ReelzChannel 238
Science Channel HD 284
ShopHQ 316
Spike HD 241
Sprout 295
Syfy Channel HD 244
TBS HD 247
TCT Network 377
TLC HD 280
TNT HD 245
TV Guide Network 273
TV Land HD 304
TV One 328
TeenNick 303
Tennis Channel HD 217
The Sportsman Channel – ELNUS 605
The Word Network 373
Travel Channel HD 277
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) 372
TruTV HD 246
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) HD 256
UP 338
USA Network HD 242
Universal Sports 625
VH1 HD 335
VH1 Classic 337
Velocity HD 281
WE: Women’s Entertainment 260
WGN America HD 307
WeatherNation 362
World Harvest Television 367
pivot Channel 267
ActionMAX HD HD 519
Cinemax East HD 515
Cinemax West HD 516
ENCORE (East) HD 535
ENCORE (West) 536
ENCORE Action HD 541
ENCORE Black 540
Flix 556
HBO (East) HD 501
HBO (West) HD 504
HBO 2 (East) HD 502
HBO 2 (West) 505
HBO Comedy HD HD 506
HBO Family (East) HD 507
HBO Family (West) 508
MovieMAX HD 521
Outdoor Channel 606
SHOWTIME (West) HD 546
SHOWTIME Extreme HD 549
SHOWTIME Showcase HD 548
STARZ (East) HD 527
STARZ Kids & Family HD HD 525
Showtime Beyond HD HD 550
Showtime Next HD HD 551
Showtime Women HD HD 552
SundanceTV 557
TMC Xtra HD East HD 555
TVG – The Interactive Horseracing Network 602
The Movie Channel (East) 553
ENCORE Classic 537
ENCORE Family 542
ENCORE Suspense 539
ENCORE Westerns 538
ESPN Classic Sports 614
HBO Latino HD 511
HBO Signature HD 503
HBO Zone HD HD 509
MAX Latino HD 523
MoreMAX HD 517
STARZ (West) HD 528
STARZ Cinema HD HD 531
STARZ Comedy HD HD 526
STARZ Edge HD 529
STARZ InBlack HD 530
The Movie Channel (West) HD 554
ThrillerMAX HD HD 522
Altitude Sports & Ent. 681 HD 681
CSN Bay Area HD 696
CSN California HD 698
CSN Chicago Alt. #2 667
CSN Chicago Plus Alt. HD 666-1 HD 666
CSN MidAtlantic 642 HD 642
CSN New England 630 HD 630
FS Arizona HD 686
FS Cincinnati HD 661
FS Detroit HD 663
FS Florida HD 654
FS Midwest HD 671
FS North HD 668
FS Ohio HD 660
FS San Diego HD 694
FS South HD 646
FS Southwest HD 676
FS West HD 692
MASN 640 HD 640
MSG Plus 635 HD 635
MSG/MSG+ Alternate 638 HD 638
NESN 628 HD 628
Prime Ticket 693 HD 693
ROOT SPORTS Northwest HD 687
ROOT SPORTS Pittsburgh HD 659
ROOT SPORTS Rocky Mountain HD 683
SportSouth HD 649
SportsNet New York 639 HD 639
SportsTime Ohio 662 HD 662
Sun Sports HD 653
TWC Deportes HD 458
TWC SportsNet HD 691
Yankee Ent. & Sports (YES) 631 HD 631
SONICTAP: 60’s Revolution 803
SONICTAP: 70’s Hits 804
SONICTAP: 8-Tracks 840
SONICTAP: 80’s Hits 805
SONICTAP: 90’s Hits 806
SONICTAP: Adult Alternative 832
SONICTAP: Adult Contemporary 821
SONICTAP: Alternative 834
SONICTAP: Bailamos! 869
SONICTAP: Be-Tween 867
SONICTAP: Beautiful Instrumentals 820
SONICTAP: Big Band/Swing 801
SONICTAP: Bluegrass 812
SONICTAP: Blues 854
SONICTAP: Carnaval Brasileiro 877
SONICTAP: Classic Hits Blend 837
SONICTAP: Classic Jazz Vocal Blend 850
SONICTAP: Classic R&B 842
SONICTAP: Classic Rock 833
SONICTAP: Classic Rock Workout 862
SONICTAP: Coffeehouse Rock 848
SONICTAP: College Rock 831
SONICTAP: Dance 859
SONICTAP: Familiar Favorites 880
SONICTAP: Fiesta Tropical 870
SONICTAP: Flashback/New Wave 839
SONICTAP: Folk Rock 813
SONICTAP: Full Metal Jacket 830
SONICTAP: Gospel Glory 827
SONICTAP: Great Standards 855
SONICTAP: Groove Lounge 824
SONICTAP: Hair Guitar 829
SONICTAP: Hallelujah 828
SONICTAP: Hit Country 809
SONICTAP: Holidays & Happenings 815
SONICTAP: Honky Tonk Tavern 811
SONICTAP: Hot Jamz 825
SONICTAP: Hottest Hits 818
SONICTAP: Hurbano 875
SONICTAP: Hype 847
SONICTAP: Ink’d 835
SONICTAP: Irish 883
SONICTAP: Italian Bistro Blend 881
SONICTAP: Italian Contemporary 882
SONICTAP: Jazz 852
SONICTAP: Latin Hits 871
SONICTAP: Latin Jazz 879
SONICTAP: Light Classical 866
SONICTAP: Love Songs 819
SONICTAP: Malt Shop Oldies 802
SONICTAP: Mariachi 876
SONICTAP: Metro Blend 853
SONICTAP: Modern Country 814
SONICTAP: Modern Workout 860
SONICTAP: Musica De Las Americas 872
SONICTAP: New Age 856
SONICTAP: Old School Funk 844
SONICTAP: Piano 865
SONICTAP: Rat Pack 807
SONICTAP: Reality Bites 838
SONICTAP: Red, Rock and Blues 810
SONICTAP: Reggae 863
SONICTAP: Regional Mexican 873
SONICTAP: Retro Disco 845
SONICTAP: Rock en Espanol 878
SONICTAP: Salsa 874
SONICTAP: Showtunes 823
SONICTAP: Silky Soul 843
SONICTAP: Silver Screen 822
SONICTAP: Singer-Songwriters 836
SONICTAP: Smooth Jazz 851
SONICTAP: Soft Hits 849
SONICTAP: Spike 841
SONICTAP: SubTerranean 858
SONICTAP: Symphonic 864
SONICTAP: The Boombox 846
SONICTAP: The Playground 868
SONICTAP: The Spirit 826
SONICTAP: Today’s Hits 816
SONICTAP: Traditional Country 808
SONICTAP: Tranquility 884
SONICTAP: Y2k Hits 817
*The following channels require a special dish or equipment: MHz, GEM NET, Hope Channel, JLTV, Once, HITN, V-Me, Enlace, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, and Free Speech TV. Please call 1-800-531-5000 for more information.


What is a DIRECTV Ready TV and how does it work?


A DIRECTV Ready TV has a technology called RVU built in that lets you enjoy DIRECTV service and full HD DVR functionality without a receiver when it’s used as an additional TV in a Genie HD DVR setup. With TVs that are not DIRECTV Ready, a small device called Genie Mini is required to allow them to access the Genie HD DVR.

How do I know if my TV is DIRECTV Ready?
Currently only the following Sony and Samsung LED TV models are DIRECTV Ready:

Brand Year Models
Samsung 2011 D6000, D6400, D6420
2012, 2013 All Smart TVs
Sony 2013 Sony BRAVIA R550A and R520A series

If I already have or plan to get an DIRECTV Ready TV, is there anything I need to do to make it compatible with the Genie HD DVR?
Currently, only the TV models listed here support DIRECTV Ready. More TV models are coming soon. If you have one of these TVs in the list above, please make sure it has the latest TV firmware, which can be downloaded from the Internet. Please follow the instructions in your TVs manual to upgrade your device.