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The Bloody truth with Kristin Bauer van Straten


Seven years ago, HBO® introduced the world to True Blood, one of the most outrageous and compelling dramas ever. One of the best-known (and loved) characters on the show is Pam, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten. An accomplished artist and outspoken animal rights activist, Kristin spoke with DIRECTV about True Blood, her famous “man hands,” and what we can do to help protect endangered animals.

This is it, the last season of True Blood. How crazy will things get for the residents of Bon Temps?

Well, it’s True Blood so… crazy! But I’ll also say, having seen the first promo released, no crazier than we’ve seen in the not-too-distant past for people in New Orleans. So, what happens on True Blood is obviously fictionalized—by some of the best in the business, I might add—but what the people of Bon Temps experience is relatable and real. It’s a small town of people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Some of them pull together and some turn on each other, as we’ve seen in real life. Hard times in life are hard—hard times on a TV show make for great viewing.

What do you think the lasting legacy of True Blood will be? You’ve certainly got legions of devoted fans that are already heartbroken.

Well, I am heartbroken right with them!

It is so hard to know what the legacy will be. I know for us, as we wrap up the year, and think about our lives seven years ago, so much life has been lived as a group, as a family. I know I will never forget this incredible experience, these people, and I hope TV viewers won’t either.

When you think back to when you started out on the show, how different are things now with the journey that Pam has gone through? Is this how you envisioned it would go for Pam?

It is much better than what I envisioned for Pam, or had any reason to expect. The writers have always surprised me with many more layers of Pam, every season. They have once again this year given me challenges, and [given] depth to the Pam we know and have grown to love.

Do people still ask to see your “man hands,” based on your famous appearance on Seinfeld? Does that happen more or less than being asked to show your True Blood fangs?

It happens regularly but much less than I get asked to bite people.

You’re an incredibly well-rounded artist. Not only do you act (obviously), but you draw, paint, and create jewelry. Tell us more about your other artistic passions.

I am one of those who likes to make stuff and I like to be of service. When I can combine the two it is very fulfilling for me. I have always done 2D art. It was my major in college and my passion as long as I can remember. I added acting once I left college and needed to find a way to feed myself. I hope to get some more time this summer to paint! I’d love to do a series from my trips to Africa to help fund efforts to save the last of the elephant and rhino that have not already gone extinct.

You are a very outspoken advocate for animal rights. What are some of your favorite causes, and what can we do to help protect wildlife?

I feel a compulsion to protect the innocent and I don’t like a bully. Animals and kids often need our help. Since I can’t clone myself I have to narrow my focus at times and focus on the larger fires. Right now, African wildlife is under siege from Asia, and also the US. I married a South African, Abri van Straten, and he and I have been focusing on the genocide of the elephant and rhino, although all African wildlife is being taken and sold at horrendous rates.

I urge people to follow their impulses to help, in whatever area inspires them. Nature inspires me more than anything. Caring is paramount. If you care, find a way to show it with a letter, a behavior change to support better products, or give any tiny amount to a group you think is helping. The bottom line is DO SOMETHING. Doing nothing won’t work. Just care a little more and you will sleep better at night. That’s my theory.

The season finale of True Blood premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9/8c on HBO.

Shark Girl

Overcoming Fear With Smithsonian Channel’s Shark Girl

June 13, 2014

Growing up by the Great Barrier Reef, Madison Stewart learned to love the sea, but she always had a special affinity for sharks.  She quickly made it her goal to protect these incredible, misunderstood creatures, using a video camera to chronicle her journey. Smithsonian Channel now presents Shark Girl, a documentary about Madison’s efforts.  Madison took a few minutes to speak with DIRECTV about her work, along with how we can all do our part to protect sharks worldwide.

What are the primary misconceptions that people have about sharks?

That they are bloodthirsty mindless killers. People think that because a shark attack happens, that means there was a shark in the water that day, but quite the opposite is true, sharks are ALWAYS there, they hear us, smell us, feel our splashing through the water. Attacks occur when enough sensory factors line up and make a shark think we could be a potential meal, such as the smell of dead fish from nearby, the splashing around that makes us look like an injured fish. Sharks kill an average of 12 people worldwide a year, yet humans kill more than 100 million sharks a year.

Why are people so afraid of sharks?

It has a lot to do with the fact sharks are a mystery to most people. They are not an animal you can go and see in the wild that easily. The only introduction people have to sharks is JAWS and Shark Week, which are dramatizations of an animal that in reality does not live up to its reputation.

In the documentary, we can see a JAWS poster hanging on your wall. Do you like shark thrillers, even though they could be cited as reasons why people have unrealistic fears of sharks?

I consider myself a filmmaker, and as a filmmaker, I have to appreciate the power JAWS had on people. It was devastating to the species, but I love to watch it, and see how sharks were actually portrayed. It is fascinating that it could have had such an effect on a population. Jaws was a plastic shark, and with some clever editing, it is a testimony to the power of films.

How many dive hours have you logged? Do you even keep track at this point?

I do keep track, I have logged close to 600!

We get to see a shark actually bite you on the hand in the documentary. How much did that hurt, and what’s the worst injury you’ve endured in your travels?

No way was that the worst injury, I’ve hurt myself more on my skateboard that I have underwater. That bite did not hurt at all, in fact I get bitten several times when feeding those sharks, can you blame them, I’m throwing dead fish at them and they grab it with their eyes closed. It’s expected they will occasionally miss and bite me, that’s why we wear chainmail. They do not bite down hard, its like playing with a puppy, and the metal shark suit prevents any real damage to the skin from the sharp teeth.

What can we do in our daily lives to help protect sharks, along with sea life in general?

I think the biggest thing, is don’t eat sharks. I know people can relate to this in Australia, but in the U.S. I was wondering how much the general population can relate to that. Since being here I have seen shark for sale in three different stores! They are in our supermarkets, our pet food, our fast food, our medicine and even our make up. So keep an eye out for and avoid shark fins, shark liver oil, shark cartilage, flake or shark meat. Sharks are really no different to pandas and rhinos, they are in trouble, and their presence on our shelves should not be accepted in our society.

Shark Girl premieres Sunday, June 15 at 8/7c on Smithsonian Channel

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Brother Vs. Brother

Brother Vs. Brother is Back!

June 2, 2014

The ultimate renovation showdown is back on HGTV! Watch as siblings Jonathan & Drew Scott lead their teams through an intense head to head battle to renovate and add value to their respective homes onBrother Vs. Brother. Each week the winning team gets closer to the grand prize of $50,000, while the losers have to send a member of their team packing.

Don’t miss the season 2 premiere of Brother Vs. Brother, Sunday, June 8 at 9/8c on HGTV (Ch. 229).