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Browsing slowly diminishing, inability to stream, lost WiFi signal- everyone that encounters these problems in a time when access to the internet has become, for some, as necessary as breathing. Whether it be for Netflix or an important business conference- our company takes pride in finding a more reliable solution for you. Call to set up an appointment and let us improve your internet situation at  home.



Satellite Center is Iowa’s Oldest and Largest DIRECTV dealer. We sell, install, and service ALL DIRECTV products including Hotels, Bars & Resturants (including audio), commercial offices, centralized dish for apartments complexes and of course residential homes. We also sell and install security cameras and improve poor WiFi reliability in all environments.


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Iowa State Fair 2014


Come see us at the Varied industries Building at the Iowa State fair Aug 7th – 17th !!!!!! Tons of great deals and specials for everyone’s needs !!!!

You’ll love what’s new on STARZ Kids

You’ll love what’s new on STARZ Kids

This month STARZ® Kids delivers a fresh new batch of family-friendly movies for kids of all ages. Sing along with the award-winning songs of Disney’s Frozen. Get swept away in the magic of Oz the Great and Powerful. You can even rewatch new animated classics including The Incredibles, and much more!

Watch STARZ® Kids in crystal-clear HD on Ch. 525.

Enjoy DIRECTV® HD EXTRA PACK for FREE August 14-21

Love crystal clear, breathtaking HD programming? Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re giving every DIRECTV customer full access to all nine amazing HD-only channels in the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK for FREE from August 14 to 21. There’s something for everyone in this group of channels—everything from history specials to crime dramas to Hallmark movies.

Check out the full lineup:

Big Chill on Sony Movie Channel HD (Ch. 568)
CBS News: 50 Years Later on Smithsonian Channel HD (Ch. 570)
Into The Blue on MGM HD (Ch. 567)
Signs on HDNet Movies (Ch. 566)
A Way Back Home on Hallmark Movie Channel (Ch. 565)
Fugitive Chronicles on Crime and Investigation (Ch. 571)
The Queen on Universal HD (Ch. 569)
Film School Focus – Tribeca on ShortsHD (Ch. 573)
Legend Weekends on Palladia HD (Ch. 572)

Want to keep enjoying these channels after the free trial? Get DIRECTV HD EXTRA and make them a part of your channel lineup.

Fantasy league

Dominate Your Fantasy League this Season with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE

July 7, 2014 

DIRECTV continues to step up its game for legions of fantasy football players across the country with the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE channel, a live fantasy football show available exclusively to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscribers every Sunday afternoon during the coming NFL regular season.

The new fantasy channel will air on DIRECTV channel 704, right next to DIRECTV’s popular RED ZONE CHANNEL, and will offer the same fast-paced intensity. The DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE channel will provide timely game-to-game fantasy analysis and statistics powered by Fantasy along with multiple, revolving on-screen tickers offering real-time stats, highlights, projections and key player updates.

Hosting the show will be Kay Adams, NBC Sports and analyst, and Dhani Jones, former NFL linebacker, who will serve up fantasy football commentary and analysis throughout the full slate of Sunday afternoon NFL games. The show will also feature fantasy football expert John Hansen, well known as an elite fantasy football analyst through his work on SIRIUS XM’s fantasy sports radio and at

Rounding out the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE team, Dr. Mark Adickes, M.D., an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon and former offensive lineman for the 1991 Super Bowl-winning Washington Redskins, will provide expert analysis regarding injuries and their impact on fantasy teams during the season.

Included in the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package, DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE further enhances the NFL SUNDAY TICKET experience. The exclusive DIRECTV package is the only way to watch every out-of-market game, every Sunday afternoon – all in HD, on TV, the computer, smart phone or tablet. Go today to learn more about our  NFL SUNDAY TICKET offers.

It’s All Relative for TV Legend Leah Remini

From guest spots on shows like Cheers, Friends and Saved by the Bell, to her most famous role of Carrie Heffernan on The King of Queens, Leah Remini has been a television staple for over two decades. Leah’s latest project is Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, a reality show on TLC that follows her as she juggles her career and her family life. Leah spoke with DIRECTV about the series, what else she likes to watch on TLC and her favorite memory of her former King co-star Kevin James.

What side of you do you hope the public sees that they may not have see before with your new show, Leah Remini: It’s All Relative?

What I know is; people will come away from this show smiling. Not unlike Carrie from King Of Queens or the characters I have played over the years, people will identify with someone or some scenario in this show.

People will see the “normal” side of me as opposed to what I do. You will see my family is just like yours -in inappropriate way. My mom reminds me of Jerry Stiller.

If you had to compare your family to a classic sitcom family which family would come closest?

The King Of Queens.

TLC is such a fun brand! What shows do you enjoy watching on the network?

I love Long Island Medium.

What’s your favorite memory of your King of Queens co-star Kevin James?

Kevin used to imitate a Polar Bear “mauling” me. I know that doesn’t sound funny and if you were ever mauled by a polar bear, I am sorry. But he would pick me up and make “bear sounds” and swing me around like a rag doll. And because Kevin is so strong, I truly had no control over my body and the fact that it made me laugh to a point where I was crying.  To this day still makes me laugh.

Kevin’s laugh makes me laugh, Just recently, I surprised him in Vegas where he is shooting Paul Blart and we laughed for 5 hours.

You have guest starred on such classic shows as Cheers and Friends. Have any of those experiences stuck with you throughout your career?

Of course, Cheers was a major get for me. I was so star struck when I went to set, but the cast was lovely and had no egos. Ted Danson asked me to run lines with him and I was so nervous, I didn’t answer at first. But it was definitely one of those fan moments where I went on set and said “Oh, my God-there’s Woody — There’s Carla — There’s Sam”.

Friends, I did Friends at the height of their success and again, couldn’t have been nicer. I have been on a lot of sets and they were the nicest people.

What would you like viewers to take away from your show?

That it may seem like you are the only one with issues, but you are not alone. Just watch this show! 🙂

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative premieres Thursday, July 10 at 10/9c on TLC.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton on the Next Generation of Comedy, Wearable Technology—and Beer

July 1, 2014 

Wil Wheaton (@wilw) has been a television staple for well over two decades. From his iconic turn as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation to his self-parodying guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory, we’ve seen Wil grow up while also gaining an infinite supply of geek cred. Wil’s latest show,The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy (@Syfy) presents viewers with his take on the hottest topics in sci-fi, pop culture, and video games. Wil spoke with DIRECTV about the series, his strong dislike for wearable tech, and whether or not he was able to impress a certain starship captain.

We’re loving The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy. It’s geek-friendly but pretty much anybody will laugh throughout every episode. Our first question is, where did you get that swank skull-and-crossbones tie you wore on the first episode?

I crashed a punk rock funeral and took it off the corpse. Some of the mourners considered stopping me, but they were conflicted, because it was such a punk rock thing to do. I used their hesitation to my advantage, so now I have a sweet tie.

In preparing for this interview we watched an old Star Trek: The Next Generation interview where you said you really wanted to impress Patrick Stewart. Did you ever achieve this? Because that would be awesome.

Yeah. A few years ago, I told him that I always regretted not being closer to the adults in the cast because I was a kid when we were working together. He embraced me and told me that he never thought of me as a kid. He said that he always thought of me as a peer, and enjoyed working with me.

How do you feel about wearable technology, at least in its current form?

I find it pretty obnoxious.

Do you think Google Glass users will overcome their less than stellar reputation?

I hope not. I would like Google Glass to die and never come back.

One of the strange things about geek culture is that it has a mixed approach to gender equality. Women seem to be accepted in comics and cosplay but female gamers are often marginalized. How many games of Titanfall have to be dominated by women before this changes?

It’s not about how well a woman plays in a game. It’s about men (and video game publishers) accepting the reality that women play video games.

In 2013, you created your own beer, Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout, with a staggering 13% ABV. When are we getting w00tstout 2.0, and what’s changing? Will we be able to pair it with pizza? Please?

W00tstout 2.0 will be released at Hop-Con, the week of San Diego Comic-Con. It’s very similar to last year’s release with a little more chocolate and a lot more barrel aging. You can drink it with pizza but don’t be surprised if you rapidly lose interest in the pizza.

The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy (Ch. 244). Starting July 22, catch the show at 10/9c.

Drunk History back for a Second Season

A breakaway hit for Comedy Central, Drunk History presents a liquored-up view of our nation’s history—complete with a surprising and ever-changing cast. In an email interview, host Derek Waters discussed the origin of the show and gave us a glimpse into what’s to come in season two.

What inspired you to create Drunk History?

I was with one of my best pals in the world, (New Girl star) Jake Johnson, who was telling me a story about Otis Redding, who knew he was gonna die on the plane that he was on that crashed. [Jake] was so passionate about it, and I thought it would be funny to see Otis react to this. But I thought [of a premise]: everyone gets drunk and talks about history. What’s something people don’t talk about when they get drunk? History, or anything of importance. And I wanted to use the same joke. I like frustrated passion.

What historical events can we look forward to getting the Drunk History treatment this season?

Lots of race themes and finally some themed episodes including American music. [I felt that] this was the time [to] have an episode where someone gets drunk and talks about music.

Who is your dream guest star for the show?

Eddie Vedder or Dustin Hoffman. If he was still alive, Chris Farley would have been my dream come true.

Which comedians do you respect most?

Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Norm Macdonald, Christopher Guest, Stephen Merchant, Danny McBride—I have lots.

What TV shows would we find on your DVR?

Dateline, COPS, and Kroll Show. Some others but I don’t wanna give too much of myself away.  🙂

Season two of Drunk History premieres Tuesday, July 1 at 10/9c on Comedy Central (Ch. 249).

MLB Extra Innings Free Trial!!!!!!!!!!!!

MLB EXTRA INNINGS FREE Trial: July 18 – 24

June 10, 2014

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Not only that, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the MLB Network (ch. 213)! It’s what every baseball fan needs, bringing you news, insights and analysis as well as live games four nights a week. AND you’ll get MLB Network Strike Zone (ch. 719) taking you on a high-speed trip around the league for live look-ins, highlights, and updates—every Tuesday and Friday during the regular season!

Plus, you can try it before you buy it! Don’t miss the FREE trial of MLB EXTRA INNINGS from July 18th to July 24th. Can’t live without it? Add MLB EXTRA INNINGS to your package and enjoy it all season long.